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Irrelevant Elephant
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Twitter Stuff

Post by Irrelevant Elephant » Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:38 am

Has anyone been following Evan on Twitter? He has recently mentioned a couple of things that I would love to know more about.

1. He recently mentioned that he has just won his lawsuit against General Motors for ripping off the track Its a shame About Ray. Has anyone else heard anything about this? Hope he got some cash.

2. We all know Evan likes to take the piss but he has made a couple of reference to his new band. He called it something like Nuanced Analysis and said the album will be out next year. Is this just him having a laugh or is there something to it.


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Re: Twitter Stuff

Post by Kerouac » Tue Apr 17, 2012 12:33 pm

I peruse his feed every now-and-again for a laugh.

1. I can find no press indicating the lawsuit against GM is settled, however I have no reason to think he'd be joking about it. Perhaps it was a quiet pass-of-the-check kind of settlement.

2. Nuanced Analysis caught my eye too - except I saw the first (and only mention of it) on his twitter post dated 3/31. A little pre-April Fool's Day joke - Dando style???

I'm just guessing... :confused:

I dig his twitter posts, but I miss his more regular pelicanmouse video updates on YouTube. Hours of entertainment, fun for all ages, the vaguest show on earth...

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Re: Twitter Stuff

Post by Pinhead » Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:00 pm

1. I remember about Evan doing this lawsuit against GM, it happened three years ago or something. If he said he won, I think he actually did. It was about time. Good on Evan!

2. Yeah, I think it was a joke. But talking about albums, Evan said to the brazilian press a few years ago that he wanted to record a total of 10 Lemonheads records in his life. At the time, he had recorded seven. Nine so far (without counting "Hotel Sessions"). And recently he mentioned that he have been working on a new Lemonheads' record and stuff. Well, we are waiting. By the way, "Nuanced Analysis" -- great name for a band!

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